Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Nothing beats an old fashioned.

Released in November 2013 at a Premiere in the backyard of Anchor BMX, Collingwood. 'Old Fashioned' has full and mixed sections with riders/skaters from Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. A good majority of the soundtrack is from Australia too, including; Aye Swift, The Atlantics, Pop Singles, Batpiss and The Puta madre Brothers... Enjoy.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Holes be gone.

Patches at the ready.

exit through the gift shop

Nothing's Wrong T designed by The Swooping Cardinal in Pokhara. Screen printed in Kathmandu on Freak St. Printed on Stone, white and grey XL. Nowt Rong. 

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Focalpoint BMX digital magazine ran an interview about Nothing's Wrong zine in issue 29. They also did an interview with artist/shredder Dave Cragg, a NOWT RONG collaborator since day one. HIT DAH LINK BELOW.

If one learns how to turn a wall into a rideable object, they transform the city into an M C Escher-esque world of terrain and possiblity. Carve your future.

The one that got away. Brick bank (gap) to wall, Darling Harbor, Sydney. Circa 2009. 1 foot down + 2 security guards = premature leaving of spot to find $50 in the tram tracks. Every cloud has a silver lining!

Photo by Chris Polack.


LR - Pegless 50-50.

Louis Reeves has been a pool shark for years. His uncanny ability to ride the tightest of transitions gives him the upper hand at any abandoned swimming pool. A suburban Melbourne pool (above) got sessioned heavily over the course of a week in November. This image won a photo competition with american pool icon, Dean Dickinson. As a result i received a copy of his book, 'You Won't', which documents the riding of 100 pools. This publication is quality. If you haven't got your hands on a copy, get online and purchase one. Inspiring stuff from a pro lurker. There are more photos and plenty of footage in my archive, so keep your eyes peeled for future 'Nothing's Wrong' productions to see the results.

Rich Forne shreds both sides of the lens.

Anyone who ever frothed over Steven Hamilton's riding would shit a brick over this. One of the best sections I've seen in  years, from a dialed videographer, for a classic magazine. No energy drink bollocks here.